How do I install StatCounter using Blogger / Blogspot? База знаний  ›  Instalación

  1. Sign up for a free account at StatCounter and follow the steps to create your first project and generate your StatCounter code.
  2. If prompted, make sure to choose Blogger from the list of Installation Guides.
  3. Login to your blog
  4. Click the drop down arrow to the right of the blog name (left of the View Blog button) and pick Layout
  5. Click the "add a gadget" link where you want to add the code (at the bottom is best)
  6. Scroll down and click the plus next to "HTML/JavaScript" in the popup window
  7. (If there is a link called "edit html" to the upper right of the box click it)
  8. Paste the code in the box
  9. Click save
  10. Click save arrangement in the upper right hand corner

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