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Block your own visits

Prevent your own visits to your website from being recorded by Statcounter to ensure your stats are not skewed by your browsing activity.

Prior to blocking your visits, you'll be able to identify them on Recent Activity reports such as Visitor Activity and Page View Activity by the "You" label. You can click this label to see blocking options.

There are two ways to block your visits in Statcounter. You can block your IP address, which is the best method as long as your IP address doesn’t change often. Alternatively, you can set a blocking cookie in your browser. First we'll look at blocking your IP address.

Block Using Your IP Address

  1. While Logged in to Statcounter, visit your Projects Page. Navigate to the relevant project by clicking on the project title, then visit the Settings for that project.
  2. On the Project Settings page under IP Blocking, you can click Block Your Current IP Address and it will populate the text box with your IP Address. The checkbox below allows you to Apply IP Blocking to all projects which we recommend.

Block Using a Blocking Cookie

Please note that you must enable cookies in your browser and ensure that cookies are not regularly deleted by either your browser or your antivirus software. A blocking cookie must be set up for each separate browser you use.

  1. While Logged in to Statcounter, visit your Projects Page.
  2. Select Blocking Cookie from the left navigation menu. The "Create Single Blocking Cookie Covering all Projects" button will save a cookie to your browser and prevent your visits to any of the projects in your account from being tracked in Statcounter.

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